The Trusted Partners of the LGBTQ Community.

Embrace diversity and inclusivity by reaching a rapidly growing, fiercely local, and high discretionary income market, all with the confidence of having a certified partner by your side.

A Growing Market With Over $1.7 Trillion in Spending Power

LGBT Americans cement themselves as the 10th largest economy in the world, making them a bigger economy than Australia, Canada, and South Korea combined! By partnering with NGMA, marketers can ensure they’ve got the right message that will resonate and convert.


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Drive Better Results By Tapping Into A Large Market

51% of the LGBT community still finds themselves saying “I wish I could see more advertising with families like mine.” NGMA offers advertising agencies the opportunity to tap into a massive market while also putting their clients into a more positive and forward-thinking spotlight.


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An 11+ Million Strong Community Waiting to be Represented

We know how important it is for Diversity and Inclusion programs to thrive in corporate culture. NGMA can help promote the actions your company is taking to make them a truly inclusive place for everyone from employees to customers.


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Build a Supplier Base That Shares Your Company’s Values

You’ve worked hard to ensure your suppliers share the same values you do. Let’s help you show that.


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Teach Your Company To Go Beyond The Bare Minimum

Employee Resource Groups play a huge role in the transition and satisfaction of people joining their companies. But sometimes, ERG’s need help from their leadership to truly make their community feel inclusive. NGMA can help ERGs connect with their leadership and teach their company to not just look like an ally, but be one.


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Expand Your Reach

NGMA publications have a collective readership of over 400K in print and 1.1 million online. We’re all about a high return on investment.

Loyal Customer Base

More than 75% of LGBTQ adults and their friends have expressed they’d switch brands that are known to be LGBTQ friendly. Put your brand in front of those that are ready to tell everyone that they swear by it.

Teach Your Company to be an Ally

NGMA publications have a collective readership of over 400K in print and 1.1 million online. We’re all about a high return on investment.

The LGBT community isn’t the only buying group paying attention to inclusive advertising. Millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power and are 60% more likely to engage with brands that discuss social causes.

LGBTQ Marketing Resources


The LGBTQ Market at a Glance

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Ultimate Business Case for LGBTQ Marketing

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Change in the Market: Homocapitalism

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Why market to the LGBTQ community through regional LGBTQ media? How can you be sure that this is the right move for you and your brand?

The truth is that marketing to LGBTQ individuals makes good business sense – and reaching them through regional media is an excellent way to show up and support the community authentically

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • LGBTQ buying power at a glance
  • Demographics and trends
  • Case Studies
  • Changing demand in representation
  • The Corporate Equality Index
  • Benefits of organizational inclusion
  • What’s next?

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