Supplier Diversity Programs

Build a Supplier Base That Shares Your Company’s Values

You’ve worked hard to ensure your suppliers share the same values you do. Let’s help you show that.

Trusted Partners

With more than 50 years of community partnership, we know what resonates. We’ll help you build this meaningful relationship

Set the Standard

We’ll walk you through the steps you need to not only meet the 2020 HRC Equality Index standards, but go beyond them to set your own standard.

Connect Company with Community

NGMA publications have a collective readership of over 400K in print and 1.1 million online. By bringing NGMA in as partners, get your company’s name in front of those that you care about.

More than 75% of LGBTQ adults and their friends have expressed they’d switch brands that are known to be LGBTQ friendly, making it increasingly important that your company be associated with LGBTQ ally companies across the board. Partnering with NGMA not only helps you outreach to 1.5 million LGBTQ

members, but also helps you ensure that you’re taking the right steps to develop a fully inclusive program.

“Scoring 100 percent on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index is now the starting point. The next step is to market your company locally to this fiercely loyal community. “

Community-focused. Engaging.

An exciting year of traveling and exploring new destinations is just ahead for the LGBT community! Download the 2023 NGMA rate card to learn more about ad rates and sizes, readership statistics, and more for the LGBT Annual Travel Guide.

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