Advertising Agencies

Drive Better Results By Tapping Into A Large Market

Make an impact on your client’s lead generation and brand awareness efforts.

Deliver Better Customers

Save the day for your clients by helping them make meaningful strides in this fiercely loyal market.

Make Your Client The Hero

Show that your client’s brand cares about groups that are marginalized and waiting to have their voices heard.

Connect Clients with Community

NGMA publications have a collective readership of over 400K in print and 1.1 million online. By bringing NGMA in as partners, get your company’s name in front of those that you care about.

The LGBTQ community’s input into the economy, at both the B2B and B2C level, is over $1.7 trillion. As large of a market this already is, 51% of the LGBTQ community still find themselves saying “ I wish I could see more advertising with families like mine.” With every company trying to find the most innovative way to advertise and gain customers, smart agencies know that the advertising to the LGBTQ community is low-hanging and worthwhile fruit. Not only does it bring in the volume of customers that your client hopes for, but displays your client as inclusive and a trailblazer.

LGBTQ individuals’ desire to spend with brands who actively align themselves with the LGBTQ community runs deep. Studies have shown that the LGBTQ community, and their allies, choose to spend their money with brands that are LGBTQ friendly. For example, 1/3 of LGBTQ people make a conscious decision to spend with Target over other, similar retailers because of their commitment to the LGBTQ community.

Community-focused. Engaging.

An exciting year of traveling and exploring new destinations is just ahead for the LGBT community! Download the 2023 NGMA rate card to learn more about ad rates and sizes, readership statistics, and more for the LGBT Annual Travel Guide.

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