Marketing Opportunity

LGBTQ+ Annual Finance Guide

Reach your ideal LGBT target audience in the media outlet they know and trust. Advertising with the National LGBT Media Association (NGMA) will give your company the boost it needs to reach LGBT investors and retirees living in 13 of the biggest metros around the country.

Big purchases, bigger opportunities

The LGBT community is planning to increase its spending in 2023. 12% of the LGBT community is planning on purchasing real estate, and 16% are planning to buy a new or used car. These new financial assets require financing and loans from professional lenders.

Curated retirement planning

More than 3 million LGBT Americans are currently over the age of 50, and unfortunately, many are behind on saving for their golden years. With retirement getting closer each day, it’s essential to have their finances in order.

Community-focused. Engaging.

An exciting year of traveling and exploring new destinations is just ahead for the LGBT community! Download the 2023 NGMA rate card to learn more about ad rates and sizes, readership statistics, and more for the LGBT Annual Travel Guide.

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